Frequently Asked Questions

What does Kairos mean?

Kairos is a greek word that describes opportune and timeless moments in life when something important is happening. We view each session as an opportune or kairos moment in which we can partner with our clients to foster healing and growth. For additional information, click here.

What are your fees?

Counseling fees vary from $100 per session to $150 per session. Reduced fees are available on a limited basis for clients with low income. For additional information, click here.

What insurances do you accept?

We accept TRICARE, MHN, HealthNet and Beacon (Partnership), although insurance arrangements differ slightly between therapists so please speak with your therapist if you desire to use insurance. We are “Out of Network” for all other insurance plans. We are happy to provide documentation for clients to bill their insurance for reimbursement. For additional information, click here.

Do you take appointments on the weekend?

We are open Monday – Friday, and do not schedule appointments on the weekends. We do have evening appointments available most weekdays for those who need appointments outside of regular business hours.

How long are your appointments?

Our standard appointment length is 50 minutes, but this may be extended in certain circumstances. Additional fees may apply for appointments longer than 50 minutes.

Where are you located?

We now have two locations. Our main office is located at 5063 Maple Rd. in Vacaville, CA on the campus of Valley Church. We also provide services at the Denham Counseling Center at 419 Elizabeth Street, Vacaville, CA. For maps and directions, click here.

What should I expect during the first appointment?

Our therapists will conduct a thorough interview to get to know each client and the reasons they are seeking treatment. We also collaborate in crafting a treatment plan that will address their presenting problem. For additional information, click here.

Do you offer Christian counseling?

The term “Christian Counseling” has been defined in multiple ways. We provide evidence-based therapy that meets the highest standards of practice. For clients who wish to incorporate their faith into their treatment, it is our goal to help them leverage the strength and healing available within their religious tradition. For additional information, click here.

If it’s time to heal, time to grow, or time to get help, call us for a confidential consultation.

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